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Rome: Curiosity


When elephants lived in Rome

200,000 years ago elephants lived along Aniene river. The valley of Aniene, the tributary that joins the river Tiber at gates of Rome, was the natural habitat of extinct animals that divided it with men who were the ancestors of the Italic aborigines ...

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The rock crystal

Rock crystal stone was consecrated to Juno because among its many powers was to channel the positive energy and bring out the capabilities of each. Rock crystal had in Roman times a very high value. Important criteria for assessing the rock crystal were naturally the transparency and the absence of inclusions; if the crystals were not always perfectly clear they were used to make objects artfully worked with decorations that dissembled impurities, it preferred not to decorate those without defects; the maximum value was by absolute transparency, the most popular must have the color of the clear water ...

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Romans used to recycle glass

The glass has an ancient history and in ancient Rome was a widespread material both in the simplest jobs than in those "artistic". In the aristocratic domus wine was drunk in glass chalices, the perfumes and theointments were stored in glass containers and windows of the houses had stained glass ...

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Lapis scandali: the stone of scandal

There was a stone in front of the major port of the Capitolium on which was depicted a lion and where they were going to sit the men who had failed and had to leave their assets to creditors ...

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The discovery of the Ara Pacis

The Ara Pacis Augustae was built between 9 and 13 B. C. to celebrate the Pax Romana achieved by Augustus after three years of victorious wars in Gaul ...

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Caesar and Cleopatra drank sparkling wine

The ancient Romans loved the bollulae, it was not the nectar of the gods but it was pleasant, and maybe even better. When Caesar and Cleopatra ...

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UFO in Ancient Rome

In the sky of Ancient Rome they were sighted UFOs since archaic times. Two thousand years ago the historian Livy in his Ab Urbe condita, says ...

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The Roman roads

The road-net of Rome in the I century was long about 100. 000 km. divided into 29 roads that were leaving from Rome and after having crossed the Italy ...

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The Nero’s doubles

On 9 June 68 AD, Nero Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus died. He was the last emperor of the Julio-claudian dynasty. In 67, taken by repressive madness ...

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The mosaics of the Gladiators

The Borghese Gallery houses a splendid collection of mosaics floorings that depict the ludo gladiators. Cardinal Scipione Borghese was a patron, unprejudiced ...

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Finnicella, began witch hunting

Gregorovius said that June 28, 1424 on the Capitol Square was burned alive the sorceress Finnicella; it started so right from Rome the witch hunt that would bloodied all over Europe also end up in the New World ...

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Coliseum, the Gates of Hell

In the Middle Ages the Coliseum was considered one of the seven gates of Hell and it was believed that the souls of the gladiators killed in the arena ...

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The first fireplace in Rome at the hotel of the Moon

In 1368 Francis I from Carrara, a lord of Padua, came to Rome to offer his apologies to Charles VIII, that wanted to cut his head because he didn't want to recognize him emperor and so he asked Pope Urban V for help ...

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The Gregorian calendar

The year 708 ab Urbe condita was established by Julio César ultimus annus confusionis and had the duration of 445 days to be able to re-align the duration of the calendar year with the solar year; 45 BC was the first year in which the passage of days and seasons was characterized according to the Julian calendar ...

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Grass Santacroce, tobacco of the Popes

It was the Cardinal Prospero Santacroce to do know in Rome tobacco as was then called Grass Santacroce. The Cardinal had been as papal diplomat in Germany and later ambassador in Portugal, Spain and France and it was in Portugal that he got to know a particular herb that came from the West Indies and that the natives were smoking after having rolled up the leaves or after being chopped in a pipe ...

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Market on Navona Square

In 1500 Piazza Navona was not surrounded by houses but by the gardens of the houses facing the streets that it delimited. The perimeter was marked by the ruins of ...

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Surgeons of the Pantheon

Until the XVIII century the butchers had at "Piazza della Rotonda" and the neighboring streets their workshops where prepared ...

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Annone, the elephant Pope's

In the gardens of the Vatican a whitish elephant is buried from the XVI century. It was a gift of the king of Portugal to Pope Leone X (Giovanni de Medici) ...

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Lottery of the Pope

The seven hundred saw Rome as a festive city, there has been a reawakening for the theatrical performances and so open up the small and large ...

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The small fountain of lovers

Near the most famous fountain in the world, Trevi Fountain, there is a small fountain that the architect Nicola Salvi created next to the monumental ...

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The Pope chair

On the bases of the baldachin made by Bernini in the basilica of St.Peter, there is represented the face of a woman who is giving birth. When the great work ...

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